Freedom Of Speech And Thought As An LGBTQIA Member

Some social justice warriors and/or certain types of feminists are really visible nowadays. And they’ve made some tremendous headway when it comes to making opportunities and rights for LGBTQIA folks approach those of the overwhelming neurotypical/heteronormative masses. However, there are a couple of areas where I diverge from these activists, and here’s why. In myContinue reading “Freedom Of Speech And Thought As An LGBTQIA Member”

Five Things About Asperger’s

Yeah, I have Asperger’s. It’s a rather challenging road when constantly dealing with neurotypicals/heteronormatives, so please take these five tidbits below not as condescending finger-wagging, but as advice on how to perhaps better get along with people like me. Horrible Facial Recognition/Name Remembrance/Short Term Memory Good golly, Miss Molly, we can be terrible at recognizingContinue reading “Five Things About Asperger’s”


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