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In Praise Of Jesse Winker’s Courage: A Person Alone

On June 26th, tensions between the Seattle Mariners and Anaheim Angels – apparently stemming from a high pitch thrown to Anaheim’s Mike Trout on Saturday, followed by a screamer that buzzed by Seattle’s Julio Rodriguez’s head on Sunday – erupted when Jesse Winker of the Mariners was nailed by a fastball in the butt. WinkerContinue reading “In Praise Of Jesse Winker’s Courage: A Person Alone”


Remembering Unloco’s Texas: Not Even The Friend Zone

When I first heard the guys of Unloco, they were a rather bruising alternative metal band on their first disc – “Healing” – prone to shrieking and occasional profanity‚Ķor heaven to an angry, impatient, arrogant teenager, fitting right in with Will Sasso’s “angry suburban white boys.” But they softened up considerably for their sophomore release,Continue reading “Remembering Unloco’s Texas: Not Even The Friend Zone”

Rude People? Huh.

How to deal with rude people? This one’s a doozy. Because one person’s rudeness may be another’s lark. Ask around, you’ll get plenty of different opinions. Also, we can be rude to people too, usually for reasons that have nothing to do with them. So, what are some strategies I’ve learned (that may or mayContinue reading “Rude People? Huh.”


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